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HS60 Pro stops working

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So I got the HS60 Pro on a Windows 10 (AMD 5950X), connected via the USB dongle it came with. The issue is, and it's become a daily issue now, it will stop working, no sound at all, solution is to unplug the dongle, then plug it back in, and ensure sound is set to go to the HS60 Pro, and it's all good. This is especially annoying when playing a game online, I need to go into settings, change to another output, then back again to HS60 Pro and it's good. The times I have checked, it does seem that Windows still sees the dongle/headset, so it's not been lost, unsure if it's the dongle itself playing up or something more exotic. 

I got the latest iCue software, 4.31.168. 
Anyone else with this problem? If so, what is the solution? 


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Make sure that your motherboard BIOS is fully updated, and that you have the latest chipset driver directly from AMD's website installed as well. Also make sure you are plugging USB adapter directly into a USB port on the physical system and that you aren't using any sort of USB hub/switch/dock/etc..

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