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Nexus keeps dying

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So I ordered a used nexus to see if I would like it.   It worked for about a week and just stopped working.  Booted up one day and the screen is just black, icue does not recognize it.   

chalked it up as a defective used item and was able to return it.   

I like the nexus so I decided to order a brand new one.   The new one died in the same day I received it.   In the same manner.   Screen just went black and icue does not recognize it.  I am refunding that one to.  

both were hooked up to my K70 mk.2 keyboard passthrough port.  

now I really like the nexus and I would like to use it.    But I don’t want to order one again just for it to die.   What is going on?  Am I doing something wrong?

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