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System specs now in profiles and posts

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Would it be possible to remove the swear filter on system specs? For example, I use this forum for tech support for my Corsair PSU, so I don't see why it's a problem that I've bought memory and an SSD from a different company?
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sorry dude, this has been covered 82,412 times. not gonna happen.


1. Some posters ask the Corsair support staff to help them troubleshoot non-Corsair products. To clarify, I'm not saying they're asking for help where a Corsair product is involved somehow, I'm talking about where there is explicitly no reason why Corsair should be involved in the troubleshooting process (e.g. No Corsair products in their rig, or ******** memory / PSU / etc. and someone's motherboard).



2. Fanbois (Fanboys, whatever)

-They spout: "Corsair sucks, ******** rocks!" = Not nice :( I'm not talking about people that are unhappy with Corsair products and have actual concerns, I'm talking about the posters who join the forum solely to be rude.


-They spout: "Corsair rocks, ******** sucks!" = not nice to Corsair's competitors. Again, posters who have joined the forum solely to be rude.







4. Spammers

-People have joined the forum over the years to slyly promote other manufacturers.



Now as for regards to how the filter affects troubleshooting: IT DOESN'T!

-Back in the day when it was just memory, saying your ******** memory worked and their Corsair memory didn't work helps no one. Saying your Corsair TWIN2X2048-6400C5 didn't work, but the ******** (1 x 2 GB) kit, 533 MHz @ CAS 7 works DOES help.



-To expand upon this, NO company name helps in troubleshooting. Saying you're trying to install an H100 in an ******** case is simply not informational. Why? No idea on the form factor, size, etc. For all I know you're trying to install it in a mini case! Now saying it's an ******** 900 case, THAT does help. Doesn't take much to figure out what they're talking about. This one reason why part numbers aren't filtered. Part numbers / specific model names are descriptive = Brand X isn't. The only time when they are filtered manually is when it may be considered spam. Note that if certain model names have been spammed by fan boys enough, then a handful have been put into the filter.



To clarify, if you make a post and get censored, you aren't doing anything wrong. If you purposely go around the filter to post a company name, THEN you're violating the rules.



Posters have asked why their system specs are being filtered?

-The filter is forum wide (even in PMs). Can't change that, and to be honest, I wouldn't even if it was possible. Posters occasionally spam the forum via their system specs, gallery comments, etc. If you can type in a field, someone's used it to post spam.

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