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System specs now in profiles and posts

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As of right now, anyone can go into their User CP and add their system specs to their profile. If you want to add / edit your system specs in your profile or just didn't do it when you first registered, here's how!


1. Click this link to go directly to the PC specs page in your profile, OR go to your User CP and click the link in the left nav menu that is highlighted in the following picture:




This takes you to:





As you can see in this post, whatever specs you list will appear in a dropdown list below your user title. NOTE: YOU MUST LIST YOUR MOTHERBOARD, OTHERWISE NO OTHER SPECS WILL SHOW UP IN THE DROPDOWN!


Have fun!


Current available spec fields:




Video Card 1

Video Card 2

Video Card 3

Hard Drive 1

Hard Drive 2

Hard Drive 3

Hard Drive 4

Hard Drive 5

Hard Drive 6

Optical Drive 1

Optical Drive 2

Power Supply

Sound Card


Operating System


Any comments?



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Dont know if its needed, can't quite picture what you mean though. You can of course just impliment it and then its up to people to use it if they want. I mean you could put 10 hdd spaces but people only use what they need.


Whatever you think mate try it and we'll let you know.

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There's just so many people getting all the part #s right for everything EXCEPT for their memory. It's friggin frustrating lol. As for the Corsair memory part, it'd just be a dropdown menu in the PC specs page instead of a text box. There's a lot though, eheh.


Come to think of it, benchmarking specs could also be listed in there as well... hrm....

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Love it. If I only I was energetic enough to lookup all the model #'s for everything I'd be all set. heh


Come on Mitchell, YOU of all people had damn well better know what model of Corsair memory you have...

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Can you make it so the specs can be Hyperlinked?

I fooled with it the other day but could'nt get it to work.

Hack on Admin end???? :confused:

I hacked just about everything lol!


Make them so that users can link them to anything, or to something in particular...

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Hehe, ok ok! I'm trying to figure out a good way to do it. Probably a combination of dropdowns:


1 for # of sticks

1 for TwinX (yes/no)

1 for XPERT (yes/no)

1 for product line (XMS / VS / SS)

1 for DDR type (DDR1 / DDR2)

1 for size of memory stick

1 for DDR speed

1 for memory class (C2 / C25 / LL / XL / nothing)

1 for pretty options (none / PT / PRO)

1 space to type in for versions (as some people are mismatching their memory)


Sounds easy, but combining it with the current setup AND integrating it with vB will be interesting. vBulletin 3.5's due out soon, and that's gonna force me to re-write this hack (due to vB 3.5 changing certain things substantially). Fortunately there's good reasons for what they're doing, so I don't really mind.

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