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SF600 CP-9020182-NA 600 W SFX PLATINUM fan control


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Is the fan on these supplies controlled by load, temperature or both?


I had a situation where case exhaust fans failed raising the internal case temp. to the point that the power supply cut out.  The power supply fan did not ramp up noticeably.  I have since fixed the case fans and all works well again.  I am fairly certain the power supply was the cause, not some other component getting hot because the entire machine just went dead and wouldn't power back on.  After it sat for a minute or two, without doing anything, the fans (that did work) kicked on exactly as they would if i had just plugged it in.  Then the machine would power up normally. 

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they trigger on a combination of both.

Another thing to consider is, the hotter components get, the more power they draw. It's possible your GPU/CPU just triggered the overcurrent protection if they got too hot (depending on how powerful they are to start with of course. they won't magically go up by 200W)

Normally, the PSU would still cool itself even if your case fans fail.

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