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AX1600i trip on Adia64 memory benchmark

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So basically I have this PSU since 2018 or so and it was working flawlessly. Build is 10980xe 4.6 core average, 3.2 cache, 3800c16 on Asus Encore. Recently during Blender modelling (using remesh command on super high poly mesh), my PC restarted by itself, means power offlike when we flip the main switch and in few seconds it turns on again like nothing happening. I tried stress testing the CPU using prime 95 and test the memory using TM5 Absolut both seems stable, but when I try Aida64 benchmark my PC shut off almost immediately. Sometimes it goes longer but it never able to finish the benchmark. Sometimes restarting on memory bench but if it pass it will surely restarted on one of the cache test.

What could be wrong? Why on super heavy load it is seems OK but can’t pass Aida64 memory and cache benchmark? Also same symptom when using Blender remesh with high poly model? Tried the memory stick one by one and doesn’t help. It seems lowering core OC doesnmt help either. Only lowering cache and memory speed seems made a bit difference it runs for longer time but still restarted anyway.


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hard to say.. Often PSU issues end up in shutdowns, not restarts.

You could have a look at the windows events log see what kinds of alarms are logged at the time of crash. They could help determine where the PC messed up.

If you see a ton of "Kernel Power" alarms, maybe check the PSu voltages at idle and under load, both the PSU voltages straight from the AXi, and the voltages red at the motherboard.

If you see some memory allocation issues, (can't remember the name of the alarm, it's like a program trying to write in a memory space that is alredy used), then it could be an unstable memory overclock. Given that the 10980XE has a base memory speed of 2933 and you run it at 3800, it could be that. if the overclock is on the edge of stability, you will only experience crashes in memory intensive workloads. general use, or gaming will be fine most of the time.

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