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We just purchased a prebuilt i7400.  It only came with one m.2 ssd pre-installed, so we were investigating the possibilities of adding additional storage.  However, we noticed that the computer did not come with any additional hardware -- no m.2 screws or spacers, no hdd/sdd screw for the included trays, no extra sata data cables, no extra power cables for the modular power supply (there was one ribbon of sata power that's already being used, even though there are spaces for like 3-4 more modular sata/pata power connectors).

Is this what you get (or rather, don't get) when you spend over $2,000 on a brand new computer?  Any time we've built our own computer the motherboard would come with a couple sata cables and enough screws to fill all the m.2 slots, the power supply would come with enough modular cables to fill all the connectors on the power supply, etc.  Even the case would come with the screws to fit all the included hdd/sdd trays.

Looks like this is the first and last time we'll be buying from Corsair if we have to turn around and spend even more money on power supply cables that run between $20-50 a piece, etc.  The cost cutting is embarrassing.  The tagline of "Vengeance PC adds up to a ton more than the sum of its parts" is completely wrong since some of those parts aren't even included.

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