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Missing my sensors from my mainboard and grafics card


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i build a new PC with an "Asus ROG Strix x670x A" and an "Asus TUF 6950 xt" and for both I don´t get ICUE to log and show any sensors. Both however, after some struggle, are now integrated into the RBG profiles. What do iI have to do to get ICUE to read those sensors?

With my old Asus Mainboard and graphic card, even though it was a non Asus card, ICUE was able to show and log all sensors present on both devices.

One seperate "problem" i do hae is that ICUE is not able to check if my Corsair Vengeance DDR5 RAM firmware is up to date, it tells me that there is no firmware to check. Is this correct?



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