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iCUE 4000X RGB - what fans come with the case?


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I can't seem to figure out what fans come preinstalled with the iCUE 4000X RGB Tempered Glass Mid-Tower ATX Case.  I've read through the product site a few times but nothing specifically indicates the fan models.  On the back of the fan the M/N: (assuming model number) is RWF0051, yet looking this up on Corsair's page doesn't give me any results.  Googling it seems to show that its the SP RGB series, but that is the option in the iCUE software that doesn't work properly at all, hence my confusion.

The reason I'd like to know is so I can properly configure the lighting.  Multiple options work, some work better than others, but I'd simply like to know which option is the correct one. 
It would be really helpful if the Corsair website actually showed the fan series title AND the model number rather than just the series title. 

Any assistance would be appreciated. 



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They are SP-Elite fan with 8 center LEDs. They should be set to “8 LED fan series” and NOT SP-RGB. That only applies to the original and now discontinued SP-RGB 4 led fan. 

They really need to move 8 LED fan to the top of the list. It is the most common fan type including SP-Pro, SP-Elite, ML-Elite, and all the ML-fans from the Elite Capellix coolers. Then move the SP-RGB to the bottom so people stop jumping on it right away. This is a very common issue and setting SP-RGB will make it appear as if your fans are defective. 

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Thank you for the reply.  I've been playing around with the different options here and there since I bought the case on Black Friday.  I couldn't decide which gave the best results and I eventually got fed up and have been using "HD RGB".  As for the "SP RGB" option, that was never a go since as you mentioned it makes it appear as if the fans are defective. Really confusing since the fans are still considered SP models.

I've reconfigured my settings on the "8-LED" option and it does seem to allow a bit more customization now. 

Thanks again.  Hopefully Corsair decides to make this information more clear across their site.

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