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Corsair HS55 wireless core. Audio Fuzzing/Static via Discord

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I recently purchase the headset corsair HS55 wireless headset.

My freinds are recieving a hard static burst, fuzzing, buzzing robot voice noise when i talk via Discord.

Also the line has drop out at my end where i could be talking and it shows on discord i am talking but nobody can here me. Its quite frustrating!

I have uninstalled and reinstalled discord as well as changed and looked at the settings

I have uninstalled all audio drivers then reinstalled them/updated them.

I have had the headset tested at the place i purchased from....with no luck on finding the cause of the issue.


I recorded on OBS studio the conversations on discord between me and my friend. He is the one hearing these problems and i can't hear them myself except when i drop out and nobody can hear me talking.

Headset is only a week old? Any suggestions...on what to do? I am even thinking of taking my system into the computer store just to prove what is going on....


Headset is under warrnty but i need to prove what is going on.

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