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Programattically Change Fan & Pump Profile

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I have a cable through my wall to my VR area. When I play VR I need as much performance as I can get. To do this I apply an overclock and set my fans to 100%.

In MSI afterburner this can be applied to the GPU using a shortcut. On iCue I have to faff with its questionable ui for a bit.

Is there a way to programatically control these settings? Either via hotkey, cmd command, opening a file... something I can automate?


Or is this a fully manual affair?

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Custom fan curves can be created in the cooling section of the AIO tab by clicking the yellow + button. “Sensor” control variable should be set to H1xx Temp (water temperature). Use the shape tools in the lower right corner of the graph as a template, then shift the points to match your environment. Most people need a custom curve because environmental temperature (case internal and room) has a significant effect on idle liquid temp. 

Elite Capellix coolers now have programmable pump curves, but most users don’t need this. Between the lowest and highest pump speeds you might see a 1C difference and putting the pump into a dynamic shifting mode is not worthwhile. You can set this to one of the presets (Q-B-E) and leave it. 

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