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PSU 1200W HX feels like i got sent an open box by corsair


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I recently bought a PSU from corsair online. It was taking too long to ship, so i tried cancelling my order.

The customer rep answered something that didn't make any sense : " Your replacement unit has already been sent".

When i finally received the PSU, it was clearly an open box. The seal stickers were broken, the wrong wires were in the box and the PSU had a dent in the corner.

The PSU was also already switched to the ON position, which I found weird but i don't know if that's normal ?

It's too bad, my last computer was almost all corsair components from the early 2010's and everything was high quality.

I would like to know if there is a way to verify what happened.

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I just watched an unboxing video to compare and make sure i wasn't over reacting. But i just noticed that my box also had a missing black pouch that the PSU is supposed to come in.

This adds up to the lists of things that i suspect is wrong with the product i got. I'm not risking plugging that thing anymore.

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definitely open a support ticket so they can send you a proper replacement. Soulds like some mix up somewhere...

The velvet pouch that protects the PSU isn't used anymore. it's been replaced by a normal plastic bag a while ago. But you should still get the black bag of cables

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