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H150i LCD not showing in icue

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I know this is a common issue but I've tried everything I've read online with no success. I have the h150i with a separate led upgrade kit.

Everything was working fine but then I changed my case and motherboard ever since I have a combination of either red triangle or the Corsair boat and the h150i no longer shows in icue.

- commander core shows in icue 

- coolant temp shows in the commander core screen so in my head there must be a working connection between the pump header and commander core.

- usb connected both via splitter and straight into mainboard make no difference

- removing the core and LCD from the windows devices does nothing however both do show there.

I've tried the power down , refitted the lid multiple times , even tried the old cap that won't even light up at all.

Ive reinstalled icue several times 

Nothing works does anyone have any suggestions at all ? 




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