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Corsair Sabre RGB Pro Wireless, DPI issue with iCUE Software

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Hi, so first of all, I am very disappointed in this Software. I've had nothing but problems with this quite expensive mouse. And the main problem is the Software. First I had problems because if iCUE was running, my 2 side-buttons wouldn't work anymore. I reinstalled iCUE, than they wouldn't if the Software was running, and they worked when it was closed. Very annoying and very confusing. After a third reinstall it somehow worked, god knows why. Or one time also my freaking USB receiver wouldn't work, again god knows why. So my current problem is, that my mouse would have around 1 level higher DPI when I have iCUE running. And when closed, it would decrease 1 level. Strange. I tried to put iCUE on autostart in Windows task manager, but that didn't work either because it only started iCUE minimized. I've looked into the iCUE settings if there were any kind of Windows settings, but i think there aren't. It's really annoying, deleting iCUE doesn't work either cause of several other reasons. I tried to set different profiles to maybe somehow solve the problem but not a chance. Thanks for every help!


Also I hadn't had any trouble with my previous mouse which was the Logitech g603 Lightspeed, apart from the mouse wheel i broke over time.

And the battery is much worse, I have to recharge it every few days. Next time I will buy a mouse with batteries in it and not a integrated accumulator.

I know this is kind of a complaint but I had to say it somewhere cause it's really annoying. Again thanks for every help!

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