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4000D AIO Help (Not Top Mounted)


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Hello all. 1st post here and 1st time PC builder. Hoping to get some help with an issue/question I have. 

My question is about a 280mm AIO for the FRONT of the 4000D Airflow case. I know all about the clearance issues (RAM and possibly Motherboard heat shields) with top mounting a 280 in a 4000D but I actually don't want to put it there. Even though I could mount it on the top (I have the needed RAM clearance and I believe Motherboard clearance) I want it front mounted. 

The issue is not physically fitting a 280 at the front really as the case supports that. The issue is I want it with the tubes down not up and THAT seems to be an issue with 280 vs 240 due to the PSU shroud. The tubes could hit the shroud.  I have only seen 1 pic with the tubes pointed down and it is super tight at the bottom. I don't know if there is any up/down play available there and it could have been slid up or not for better clearance or if it is maxed now (probably maxed)?

The AIO in that pic (see below) was an EVGA CLC280 (312mm/12.29" L). The dual push/pull fans make it a little tighter as the hoses would have a bit more upward play I believe without the rear fans. I only plan to use one set of fans (front/case side).

See pic here... 4000D EVGA 280 AIO Tubes Down Front Mount

So the main issue with mounting it with the tubes on the bottom (where they should be and not top mounted as I understand it) seems to be the overall length which could put the hoses in conflict with the PSU shroud. Has anyone done a 280 AIO in a 4000D at the front tubes down (any mfg) and had it fit without having to modify the case/PSU shroud (I won't do that)?

Has anyone mounted a Corsair iCUE H115i RGB ELITE at the front tubes down in a 4000D? That one is the longest overall of the ones I researched so if it actually fits any I am considering would. However, it is a full 10mm (0.4") longer then the EVGA one which is not an insignificant amount from what I can see.  The Corsair one is also 2mm thicker then the EVGA one so that pushes the tubes even closer to the PSU shroud there at the bottom. 

My preferred AIO is the Arctic Liquid Freezer II 280 but it is taller then the EVGA one (317mm/12.48") and much thicker (38mm/1.49") so not sure I can squeeze it in the front tubes down. This is so frustrating. I wish Corsair gave us internal measurements on the case and not just generic external ones so we would know how much clearance is in there which would let us know the max L/H/W we can run.

Another option I thought of was to use a 240mm AIO on the front, mounted tubes down and as high up as it will go, and then add a 3rd 120mm fan at the bottom (front supports 3X120mm fans so this should work in theory). There should be no clearance issues mounting a 240mm AIO at the front tubes down as they are shorter and the extra fan fuills in the gap at the bottom and adds more airflow. Would that work or is it a bad idea?

Thanks for any help. Truly appreciated.  

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