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I've got bad sticks


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I recently bought 2 pairs of TWINX1024-3200C2 (XMS3202v5.1 0502010-6)from Outpost for my ASUS P4P800. The first pair I put into slot 1 & 3, it could not startup and failed to display the startup logo, and cannot even enter into BIOS setup. Then I just put a single stick into slot 1, the result was the same.


Then I tried the second pair, it can boot up but the POST display DDR frequency 266 even after I reloaded the default BIOS setting. I used CPUZ to have a look on the RAM installed, it displayed as below


Manufacturer is AMD

FSB:DRAM is 3:2

CAS 2.5-3-3-6

Module 0 - AMD DDR-SDRAM PC2100 - 512 MBytes

Module 1 - DDR-SDRAM PC2700 - 512 MBytes


My motherboard had updated to the latest BIOS version 1019. Can someone tell me that whether these two pairs of RAM are defective.

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Will this system work with other memory? And are all of the modules exactly the same part# and revision?


I used two models of XXXX RAM (also dual channel) GE1GB3200BDC and GL1GB3200PDC for this system before, also run in DDR400 ith 2.5-3-3-6 and 2-3-3-6 with no problem at all.


The two pairs of TWINX1024-3200C2 are having the same part number and revision number. But one pair is in red colour PCB while the other pair is in green PCB (this one cannot startup my computer).

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As far as I know we do not use a red collored PCB, but you can submit the RMA and we will be happy to inspect the modules to make sure they are not counterfit.

Please follow the link in my signature “I think I have a bad part!”

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