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iCue Sp120 rgb Elite Fan model number explanation


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Hello community, i'm looking to replace my black fans (icue sp120 rgb elite) with white fans. I noticed that there are two different model numbers: CO-9050136 and CO-9050137. Can you tell me what the differences are and can i use these two numbers together on one rgb header? My case is the icue 4000x, and i have currently 3x CO-905137-ww in the front. I wanted to replace the rear fan(black) with a CO-9050136-ww, but before i do i wanted to check here first about compatibility. Thank you!!!

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…136 is the single white 120mm SP-Elite. 137 is the triple pack of 3x120 white SP elite. The triple pack comes with a lighting node Core RGB controller which is essential if you don’t already have one. You should already have one in the 4000X and thus can choose based on price. However, max number of fans per RGB controller is 6. If you have 7, you need two controllers. 

There is no difference between the black and white SP-Elite and cue cannot tell them apart. All 8 RGB fans are treated equally and set as “8 LED fan series” in Lighting Setup. 

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