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5000x Front and side panels & HD series fans


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I love my new 5000x case, but im wondering if the side panel and front panel comes in completely clear tempered glass, rather than the dark shade that came with the case. Im curious because I would like to be able to appreciate my internals and fan setup in full brightness.

My other question is about the HD series fan. I know they were discontinued, but why were they discontinued? Aesthetically i like them better than the other fans, and they perform surprisingly well.

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9 hours ago, snake42069 said:

My other question is about the HD series fan

Good question.  Some people loved them.  Other's hated the spotlight effect.  Either way they were unique and added something to the family.  There seems to be a lot of space in the clear frame fan category.  Would be nice to see it come back with a slightly different motor.  I loved it back then, but it is a bit loud compared to QL, LL, ML variations.  


On the case panels your best bet is going to be some type of PC mod shop that sells custom panels.  There aren't different variants aside from the airflow front fascia vs the tinted glass on the X version.  

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I managed to source a couple 3 packs. The ones in my case are quiet except when i turn on full speed. It also for some reason turns them to full speed for a few seconds when i open the xbox app which is wierd. 

I was trying to find another 3 pack so i can make a wind tunnel for my series x and fill in the last spot on the case (7x120s) and maybe even one more 3 pack to get a corsair AIO and swap the fans out for the hd ones so the whole case matches.

On the panels, it looks like the white ones are clear, but i wouldnt like the clashing colors. I wonder if i can take the panels to a glass place and see if they can duplicate the panels but with clear glass instead of shaded.

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