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Icue causing bsod inaccessible boot device 4.31.168

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Yes , iCUE still have this huge bug and Corsair need to fix it urgent.

Im huge fan of corsair like you can see , and have midtower Corsair to. Love corsair , hate this dam software... 

Times to times i have this BSOD , dont know why the system is the same all the time , not top tier computer but still is a 8700k CPU and a TUF mb , have a 970EVO plus and all works fine , thilll i see a update of iCUE , when i see a update of iCUE i panic because dont know what go my computer do after i install it..

And today another BSOD , another windows restore and is solved and i go wait for 1 , 2 months to another version comes out to try again , this is my tactic.. and is a ok workaroud but this problems exists like 2 , 3 years and Corsair should fix it. 




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