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Battery Charge issue's on HS80


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Hello fellow corsair users,
I got a weird issue when chargeing my corsair HS80 it connects to my pc,

But once connected it's saying chargeing battery and just 2 seconds it keeps saying charge complete and when disconnecting its saying battery critical,
So if someone know's how to fix this please let me know and if not then i have to send my headset for a repair, 

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Sounds like the battery has one of more cells faulty/on the way out  , if this is the case ... like you said will indicate as if fully charged but will not have enough voltage with a broken cell/s to operate. Think it may be worth replacing the battery.

My HS80S battery isn't seeming to last very long now , so I'm currently looking for a replacement myself.

If I manage to find one I will try to post the link for you just in case .

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