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Corsair RBG HUB adapter to ASUS Aura 3pin connector for a ROG Herculx GPU holder?

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Hi everyone, I'm building a new system revamping from an old MOBO/CPU/RAM combination and it is going well. The GPU is heavy and needed a holder, therefore went for the ASUS ROG Herculx. The problem is that the older MOBO, an ASUS Rampage IV Extreme doesn't have any Aura RGB 3pin headers and can't connect the Herculx cable.

Since I have installed a Corsair RGB HUB already to control the lighting for a set of QL120mm and QL140mm fans I was wondering whether there is an adapter to connect the two. Basically:

- One end of the adapter goes to the Herculx Aura RGB 3 pin cable

- Another end would go to the Corsair RGB HUB (I have one RGB slot free).

Is there such an adapter or is there any other solution? I was wondering whether a cable adapter from a fan 4pin header to the Herculx 3pin cable would work.

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I just bought 1 of these and thought I'd search around on the forums if anyone has posted on it. I'm hoping iCue will recognize it on my ASUS ROG mobo like how it recognizes the ASUS RGB on the board and my ROG Strix video card. But I have bought stuff from PirateDog Tech on eBay to control non-Corsair stuff with iCue via adapter cables (I can control the Lian-Li Strimer cables via iCue from 1 of his adapter cables, just don't have all the lighting settings that are available if you use the Lian-Li controller for lighting).

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