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Corsair cmk64gx4m8x4133c19 XMP memory timings


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When I first installed this memory set two years ago, I followed a timings recommendation I found on the Corsair UK pages. For some reason, that was listed there and not on the more global or US pages. But they worked beautifully in allowing the memory to run at 4,000MHz. I know I had to tweak quite a few timings and voltages for that to give me a fairly stable system.

Just upgraded CPUs and without much thinking, updated the BIOS, without safeguarding/documenting the profile. Completely missed it. To my disgrace, with the BIOS update I also got a clean slate default BIOS settings where I'm unable to replicate the stable configuration I had. 

The ASUS x299 Deluxe II MOBO self-tuned for the new processor, but it is running the RAM at SPD settings. My rudimentary capacity to tweak the RAM profile only takes me to 3,600MHz apparently without a hitch, but I do want to be able to hopefully be able to run it at 4,000MHz. Just picking the recommended XMP profile on the BIOS set-up does not cut it. Again, there were various other variables I remember I had to manually tweak.

Can anybody from Corsair or a general User advise if there is a way to try to find that more detailed timings table? Or a good way to try to finetune the XMP profile to try to arrive where I hope to be? Many thanks.

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