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My RAM's LEDs freeze constantly.


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Hey, It's been over a year since I had this issue but I haven't found a single solution yet. Basically, my RAM's LEDs freeze every 8-10 seconds and then go on with the lighting effect as if nothing happened. This is how it looks on iCUE and I have discovered that the problem lies within the iCUE software, since when iCUE isn't running in the background, the LEDs go on as usual with no stutter, but as soon as I open iCUE and the hardware lighting (which may I add is uncoordinated) changes to the iCUE effects, it comes back again. This freeze happens with every single effect, lighting link effect, preset and mural.

How it looks on iCUE (follow the cursor and you'll see when it freezes).

How it looks like physically

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