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hi again. i recently RMAed my TWINX1024-3200C2PT(post #194149), and i just received the package today. It looked a little beat up. i opened it to find some very beat up packaging that was holding the ram. when i took the ram out, both heatspreaders were slightly bent, but one of the bends is slightly more visible. i tested the ram in memtest together, one at a time, in 2 dif systems, all dif timings, and everything else i could think of. the stick with a bigger dent in the heatspreader got several errors before 2% pass in memtest. the other stick had a few errors too but later on. this really sux for me... i'm not sure if i an RMA is allowed for this since i guess a fat UPS guy sat on it or sumthin. i just sent an email to UPS about this too so if they replace it i'll update you. i just wanted to post this just in case and so i could RMA asap (if i'm allowed to). thanks
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