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Flaky as hell

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Corsair Dominator RAM, 4x32G.  Asus ROG Strix Z790-e motherboard.

Icue has no idea how much ram I have. Sometimes four, sometimes three, sometimes two.. Never seen one.

According to Icue, sometimes my motherboard isn't there.

I can't seem to keep it on the hardware profiles I defined even when all the devices show up.

Neither my mother board or ram seem to have anywhere to set up the hardware profiles, but IDK if that's true or just Icue messing with me.


How can I make this work reliably?


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  • Corsair Employees

As we do not have a 128GB(4x32GB) DDR5 memory kit for sale that would indicate that you are mixing two separate 64GB(2x32GB) memory kits and expecting them to be able to work in the unsupported configuration that you are installing them in. Our memory kits are only validated and guaranteed to work in the configuration that they are packaged and sold as. Attempting to mix memory kits can lead to unintended behavior such as you are seeing, and unfortunately we are not able to guarantee that the kits will work in such a configuration.

What happens if you separate the two separate memory kits out, and install only a single kit at a time in the configuration that they are packaged and sold as? Do you continue to have issues with iCUE detection and control when installing only a single kit at a time?

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My system integrator (Xotic PC) did the build.  

So why is it that Icue forgets some/most/all of the lighting layers under hardware lighting that I've built, but only sometimes?  It's the ram causing that?  The ram I'm using right now to send this message?  The ram that passes every diagnostic I can throw at it?

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Hey, hey!

Hardware Lighting is specific for when iCUE is not running, such as during a reboot or by manually closing the application. Once iCUE loads on startup, the effects under the applicable default profile is used that is made under Lighting Channel/Lighting Effects.

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i have two kits of the Corsair Dominator RAM (2x32G) installed as well, so 128G total.  Asus Prime Z790-A motherboard.  i9 13900K, RTX 3090Ti Founders

I cant even get the latest version of iCue to run, because when i install it, all of my fans (3xSP120's) including my AIO (H150i EliteLCD) stop working.   My Commander Core doesn't even show up in iCue.    I have to run version 3.38.88 for legacy devices to even have access to some RGB.  LOL.  I am running the most up-to-date BIOS for my MB and the Latest version of Windows 11.  The XPM's also cause my system to not post, so i cant run those either. 

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