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M65 Wireless Connection Issues Slipstream

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So I have been messing around with this for a while and I have come to the conclusion that its most likely a software issue, I was on the latest version of corsairs ICUE software and my Slipstream Dongle wasn't being recognized at all. Managed to roll back my ICUE drivers to ver. 4.29.203 by going to legacy then updating from there and that managed to get me on a older driver then the newest, since I wasn't able to find older drivers online, this fixed my problems with the dongle not being recognized. Now that I have the dongle working I haven't been able to get the USB Receiver to find my mouse at all its actually really insane, been looking for older drivers for the Slipstream Wireless USB Receiver and to no luck of course.

So where am I at? I can't find older slipstream drivers I was reading an older post on this forum that talked about the same issues but with a different mouse and this update ver.5.6.126 seemed to fix their issues but I think it indivertibly messed up the M65 RGB ULTRA WIRELESS, which sucks for me because I love the shape of this mouse and it felt amazing in my hands. Though before if anyone asks yes I did a restart of the mouse and tried resetting it by holding both left and right buttons and turning it on/plugging it in.

I have also tried different usb ports to no avail, still nothing. Sadly I thought this was going to be the mouse for me and honestly I am a little disappointed that it straight up just didn't work especially since its has rather been sold out or just on sale as of late. I guess at least Bluetooth works? but to be honest its very choppy and not the greatest. 

TL:DR I have a M65 RGB ULTRA WIRELESS and am unable to connect via the USB Receiver, I tried rolling back my ICUE software USB Receiver was picked up but still nothing. I can only connect via Bluetooth which is very choppy at best.



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