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SP120 RGB Elite fans stop spinning, but iCue still reports RPM after updating Commander Core XT firmware

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I recently purchased 4x SP120 RGB Elite fans and a Commander Core XT hub.  After installing them and booting, they worked perfectly before getting into Windows.  Once Windows loaded, iCue prompted me to update the firmware of the Core XT.  I did so, making sure to close MSI Center like it told me to.

But things appear to have gone sideways.  While one of the four fans is fine and working normally, three of them have stopped spinning.  iCue still reports RPM rates of all four and I can still edit the RGB lighting of all four, but no matter what I do, I cannot get the three fans spinning.  Rebooting doesn't seem to do the trick, I tried forcing the same update a second time and no dice (though again, the 4th fan still works properly).

The three that stopped spinning all came in a 3-pack, if that matters, while the 4th was a single unit.  If that matters.

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Additional information: The fans spin on boot prior to Windows loading.  Once Windows boots, the fans stop spinning.  Again, iCue still reports them as having RPM, so something is seriously wrong here.

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Solution: So, um, this is really embarassing, but uh.  Since the blades of the fan are translucent and the support slats on the fan body are also curved, I was being incredibly blind and mistaking the flats for still blades.  I am dumb.  And blind.  And now I just want to find a hole to crawl in and die.

So congrats, Corsair.  Your fans design is so smooth it literally tricked an idiot into thinking the fans are off when they're not.

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