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iQue 7000 X might be the worst case I've owned since the early 90s.

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As a person that has been building their own computers since we had to manually set our IRQs on the motherboaard with jumpers and 8mb of system memory and 2mb on the video card was GOD MODE status, this case is the worst thing I've ever owned.


It constantly buzzes, hums, and makes other noises indescribable in the English language.

I know that everyone is moving toward NVMe drives and I have three installed myself.

I also have six real HDDs installed and therein lies the problem.  The hard drive cages in this case supposedly can house six drives and indeed, it can hold them.  The problem is they aren't really made to house them QUIETLY.  The cheap plastic trays mount inside an aluminum cage that then uses a single thumb screw to hold them against the aluminum floor of the case.

Each cage in my case houses a 16, 14, and 10 TB drive.  There two of them.  They buzz at idle.  They clatter when they are being written to.  When one drive goes idle and another kicks in you get endless, annoying noise that makes you want to throw this case out the window of a skyscaper so you can laugh when it smashes into thirteen zillion pieces..  The case I pulled these all these drives out of for this build housed them NO PROBLEM.  That case was so quiet you could hear a mouse fart two rooms down the hall.  It also has screw access in every tray so you could tighten the drives into their trays, and the the trays screwed into their housings, and the housings were insulated from the case.  This case has none of that.  Even with everything tightened to the point of stripping the screws or popping off the screw heads the trays still move in the housings and the housings are loose against the case. 

I've shimmed the drives in their trays.  I've shimmed the drive cages against the case.  I've installed foam sheets between the drives.  Nothing helps.  I'm considering taking a welding class so I can fuse everything into a giant piece of slag.  No sooner do I get everything shimmed and quiet the cages find yet another way to transfer the torque from the spinning drives into the paper thin aluminum of the case and we're off to the races again.

I just wanted to let people know that if they're using this case for a REAL build and not something with a couple of NVMe drives and a bunch of lights, this isn't the case for you.  Don't say I didn't warn you.

I've reduced the number of drives in this case down to two and moved the others back into another machine and all that did was make the noise bearable.  It's STILL the noisiest case I've ever owned.

Don't do it.

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