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When iCUE's Voice Notifications are given, volume for all other applications is reduced to 25% in Volume Mixer.

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So, I have a Virtuoso XT, though I've had this issue with the SE too, and I've seen a forum post where it happened with a Void headset too, so this isn't headset specific, more of an iCUE/Windows issue. Anyways. I've noticed that when iCUE is playing a notification (mic status, battery status, etc), all other volumes (app-specific, not master volume) are reduced to 25%. No clue as to why, any suggestions?

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This is an issue for me as well.  was this ever solved, or will it ever be solved?  im tired of having to constantly return my volume mixer to normal in windows because icue keeps making volume adjustments without my permission.  i have an hs70.  this also happens regardless of whats going on.  doesnt have anything to do with voice prompts for me, its just randomly doing it.  how do i stop this from happening?  like seriously, how is this being overlooked?  have had multiple generations of icue updates and all of them have this GLARING ISSUE.  fix your crap software corsair.

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