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LS100 Lighting Strip Started Kit


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Hi folks,

I am thinking of getting one of these, possibly along with the 1.4m extension light strip, but I would be looking to place the command module near the computer as opposed to the normal way of attaching it to the back of the monitor.

The reason I am doing this is because my monitor is wall mounted and, to reduce the amount of cables I have to run to the monitor, placing it near the PC is preferable.

So I am looking to attach the kit (attached to the back of the monitor) to channel 1 of the module and the extension (attached to the back of my desk) to channel two and what I am going to need is a long enough RGB extension cable (probably 2 - 3 meters) that will run from channel 1 and up through the wall to the back of the monitor.

Where could I get such an extension or is the Corsair a proprietary type of connector?

Many thanks.  

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