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Integration with Aida64 and 3rd party software


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Personally, I am a huge fan of Corsair hardware. I use Corsair keyboards and mice, system fans, AIO coolers, RAM, and cases. I choose Corsair products for their quality and performance.

However, I pay a premium price for the Corsair products that I use, and I feel that I should be able to choose the software that I want to use with my products. ICUE is not the reason that I purchased Corsair hardware, it's not the selling point.

The biggest problem I have with Corsair hardware, is the fact that Corsair refuses to allow any integration with 3rd party software. Something as simple as using Aida64 to display my fans RPM on a sensor panel, is not possible due to the fact that I am using Commander Core XTs. It's one thing to not allow 3rd party software to have any control over the hardware (which really shouldn't be a problem either) but what is the issue with allowing 3rd party software to simply display information about the hardware?

Please Corsair, develop a proper SDK or API that will allow your software and hardware to work concurrently with 3rd party applications. Keep in mind, the ICUE software is a free download for anyone, even if they haven't purchased any Corsair hardware. Your profits come from the hardware that you sale. It would be beneficial for everyone if your hardware was compatible with 3rd party applications. It gives the customer more freedom to use the products they purchase however they choose. It would also probably increase your sales, since there are many people who simply do not like the ICUE software and choose to purchase other brands in order to avoid ICUE.

If nothing else, at least allow me to view information about the products that I have paid a premium price for, using whatever software I want. 

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