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H150i elite cappelix issues


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So it seems my h150i has bricked.

I am fair certain the pump isn't working.

Playing COD i noticed my FPS being a lot lower than normal, so started down the trouble shooting process.

Noticed my cappelix wasn't lit up. 

Opened iCue to discover it wasn't showing the h150. Gave the pc a restart and bios warned me that the temps were high...

Got into windows, loaded core temp, all cores pinned at 95...

Reinstalled iCue, still nothing.

Then discovered the hex file fix. Unfortunately as I reinstalled iCue. I don't have the .hex file that I need.

One thing I did notice, commander core doesn't show as being connected and my fans don't change speed if the h150 is connected. As soon as I unplug it, fans ramp up and the commander appears. As soon as I reconnect the h150 the fans go back to a base speed and the commander core disappears again

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