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AX860i - can't find a ATX_12V_2X4 cable for my CPU

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I have just bought a new motherboard, a Gigabyte Z690 UD AX DDR4, and I'm moving my PSU from my old build to this one.

Now, my issue is: when connecting the motherboard, I can't fit the CPU marked connectors to the motherboard labeled ATX_12V_2X4


This is what the new MB has. This is exactly like the connector on the PSU side, but the CPU end of the cable has just 2 square connectors, the other 6 are the other shape:


I can use the single ATX_12V_2X2, I am not really planning on OC or something like that, but still, it baffles me.

I though I used this connector on my previous build, but apparently I did not, as I can't find any cable that fits.

So... is there a way to get this cables for this PSU? I see some cables on Amazon, actually this last picture is from there, but it is exactly the cable that doesn't fit.

Or maybe I'm overlooking something?




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