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I am struggling with this mapping and how to. I feel that everything changed a few months back, and I just never grasped it. I want to assign the buttons on the side of my mouse to the numbers along the top of my keyboard, but they just.. wont go. I really don't know how to explain it. I would appreciate any help on setting my keys up. 

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You might need to include some basic information, like what mouse you are using.  It's a bit different assigning a standard mouse side keys to other functions vs something like the Scimitar.  There have been no changes to the basic method of re-assigning keys since the introduction of CUE 4 two years ago.  If you're not able to get it going with the links below, then you need to be more detailed about what you want so some one can show you.



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The UI for iCue has changed, the method for what to do has changed, and the usability has changed.

All I want to do is assign my numerical 1 to my number 1 on my mouse and it won't go. 

Thanks for linking a video. Wonder if I could have found that ANY where else on the line. 

Honestly, why do people think someone comes to a forum for a link to youtube? Thought long and hard on that one, did ya?

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When people come in with extremely basic questions, it's usually easier to link the beginner videos than directly question their intelligence.  You still have not clarified what mouse you are using nor do you seem to recognize CUE 3 was replaced two years ago, but based on the four posts above I think it's safe to make several assumptions.  


I will assume you have a Scimitar variant.  Sorry to be such a bother in asking you what mouse you are using or for any explanation of why it won't work, what you have tried, a screenshot of what you are trying to do.... other minor details.  I don't have a Scimitar to show you, but the numerpad side buttons appear on the right side of the mouse and that is where you designate the mouse key's new value.  The keyboard below shows what is being assigned to that mouse button.  The "key" shows what button you have reassigned.  If you can't get it going from this, I suggest you contact Corsair Support through the ticket system at the bottom of the page.  



Screenshot (12).png

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