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SF600 PSU fan randomly goes to max speed and black screen.


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Hi, I built this pc over a year ago and it was running fine untill now. The powersupply is a bit overkill for just my gtx1060 and r5 4700 but I built it with the intent of upgrading it later down the line. As a result the PSU fan never really spun, atleast not when I was looking. But last week, yesterday and today it suddenly started spinning very fast creating a lot of noise. Everytime this happened the video cut out resulting in a black screen and though I could still hear audio through my headset I was always quick to unplug my pc.

What could be the cause of this? Is it maybe a faulty PSU and should I return it before it takes my whole PC down with it? 

I really need this pc, my laptop recently broke and exams are coming up.


Thx for your help in advance.

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