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Aorus z690 ultra rev1; cannot get it to work with Vengeance DDR5 5600 and XMP.


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My Aorus z690 ultra rev1, now with BIOS F21, still sucks regarding XMP. Probably other z690 types suck too, reading about problems.

2x 32GB Vengeance DDR5 5600 sticks, tested and no problems running at default 4800 mHz

I really thought Gigabyte was reliable, after experiences with a malfunctioning 2080ti, which was repaired after 2 years.

Been discussing these XMP problems with Gigabyte support for about 6 months; still no solution. Wish i bought a MSI again, never had problems with that.

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Sorry, only saw your post now. My aorus z690 ultra is on the way back via amazon; could not get the vengeance 6500 DDR5 to work above 4800, after 3 BIOS updates. Ordered am Asus z790 maximus, latter MB seems defective as it won't accept any memory, but my vengeance Dimms are on the QVL with the right version numbering, so i sent them back too, and ordered Kingston DDR5. If they don't work i will order an MSI MB.

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