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iCUE kills youtube and also Teams using HS70 headset


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Hi All.  I have this problem if I have iCUE software installed my teams calls will automatically mute as soon as a call is made.

Also if I try to view a youtube video I get the spinning icon and it says to wait.  Sometimes after a minute the video will start.

If I change the audio output to my integrated speakers videos start instantly and Teams is all working.

I have had to uninstall the iCUE software to be able to use the headset for work.   This is not ideal as I lose 7.1 functions and voice prompts.

I have deleted device manager drivers and also uninstalled the software multiple times and every time I reinstall I get the same issues.

This is driving me crazy and the iCUE software has never worked correctly.

Any advise on this?  Thanks

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