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iCUE and Commander Core XT not controlling RGB lights

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Hello everyone,

I have just bought Commander Core XT controller to use it with 3 SP140 RGB Elite fans in my case. 

The problem is that I simply can't control their color. iCue recognises Commander normally but in 4-pin lighting settings setup recognizes only two fans and color remains green no matter what I do. In cooling tab, all three fans are recognized and it works as it should. 

I also want to mention that I have  Corsair RGB ram modules that are normally recognized and I can control their color with iCUE. 

Software is up to date, I have tried reinstalling it several times, I have tried changing ports in controller-all I get are green lights on fans which sometimes slightly change from darker to lighter shade and vice versa when I change some settings in iCUE.

One other thing : before I bought Commander, fans were connected directly to motherboard (X570S Aero G Gigabyte) and I was controlling fans with Gigabyte RGB Fusion which worked but it was way to complicated to set up everything and I found that Commander provides more options to work with.


Any advice is appreciated, tnx in advance.



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