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Thoughts on Virtuoso XT


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I ordered these headphones around the beginning of the month and after some delay in shipping I finally got them. I can say they were worth the wait.

The frame of the headphones is sturdy aluminum and the switches are also of high quality. The headset came already fully charged.

After messing around in Dolby Atmos, the sound quality of the headphones is excellent. I love the convenience of them being wireless because I can stand up from my desk without having to worry about setting them down or accidentally ripping them from my PC.

The quality of the microphone seems to be best of its class in wireless mics. I love being able to remove the mic when I am not using it.

This is the third product of Corsair that I have had after the K55 and Dark Core and I have had nothing but satisfaction from all of them.

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I have the" SE" and had nothing but issues with them, personally. And being brown no pads are brown in color to replace them with. I don't like the stock pads as after a while they start to hurt my ears. I would have loved to seen them make the pads thicker and more of and oval shape or just bigger inside diameter circles.

The base model, SE and the XT are all the same exact speakers and performance. Lucky for you, you will get the Dolby and Bluetooth on yours. I should have purchased the XT model as well. Mics are great on them as you noted.

I hope the next series has some of the features that I am looking for. My really biggest issues are range and "I" made a bad color choice. As these pads bleed through the cloth screen pads as seen in my other thread. I am guessing if they would have been black pads you wouldn't notice the bleed through as bad or it might not even happen on those. As far as range they suck. I can barely make it to my kitchen on a good night. That is with a USB 3.0 extender cable ran up the wall to help out. My other brand I can walk out the back door into the yard and have no issues.

They are sending me some replacement pads though. That is very nice of them. I am guessing the issue will return though. But after a little EQ tuning out the box they are pretty decent. Enjoy your new XTs. I hate I didn't grab then for $200 new on the last sale.

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Do anyone know if Dolby Atmos (Dolby access) is for free "for life" with Corsair Virtuoso RGB wireless XT? I have read some posts complaining that Dolby will charge the user after a couple of weeks?

Another thing, does the program have to be running in the background, or is it just a setup for windows 11?

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