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Lights not waking from sleep

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My new build is seeing some frustrating bugs that if somebody is able to help with or has any ideas about;

1) When the system sleeps all LEDs turn off, then when wakes from sleep 4 LEDs on one stick of my Dominatior ram light up and nothing else from internal or external , would be super annoying until you factor that i plugged my hue system so basically if the system sleeps i get to sit in the dark until i restart icue or reboot the system when everything goes back to normal. To be clear happy it shuts down when sleeping but the not waking properly after is the problem.

Tried reinstalling icue, resetting all the profiles, updating all the kits firmware and remaking the lighting profiles. I saw in another post about possible incompatibility with other manufacturers products but nothing in the system other than corsair, any other ideas i can try? 



2) Since the latest upgrade to icue my k70 pro air does what we call in the industry "wets itself and dies" when not plugged in on the cable. Normally after about 10 mins of play the tab key lights and that is it no other response. Only way to fix is to plug it in and use on the wire (only started at last update) keyboard is fully charged and works fine on the wire. I am assuming its just a bug rather than a fault but any ideas ... anyone?


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1) You'll probably need to restart the CUE service from the CUE settings menu after waking from sleep.  This is reported by other users and sleep mode is pain in Windows 10/11.  RAM is the common victim since it is still on and loaded during the S3 state.  One possible workaround is to quit CUE from the task bar before entering sleep.  When you resume you can relaunch.  That should fire everything up again.  


2) Unsure on the KB and it seems like a wireless issue.  That one is best sent to support.  You can turn on debug logging in the CUE settings and export it after the event.  That may be needed later.  

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1) thanks for that , I see some scripting in my near future 😄 , might be able to hook an automated task or somthing up to an event trigger to open and close

2) will report to support ... ohh that rhymes !!!!


Cheers for the assist

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