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Corsair VOID cable problem.

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i wanted to share a big problem i have only with Corsair void headset. Is you can see on images i have the cable that cut by itself and leaking a blue/green liquide.
I got 2 Void headset and around 2years of use they get the same problem, OFC it's just 1 month after the end of the warenty.
I take care of all my headset the are always put on a headseat support (from corsair) and i don't have animals that can bit or chew cables.

Is there any solution ? IN ANY CASE CORSAIR PUT BRAIDED CABLES and swappable to prevent from buy a new headset every 2y even more when these headest is sold for $80+...
Probably the last time i bought from you a headset because of thes fu****** problems.


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