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Corsair Mouse M65 Pro RGB Scroll "Fighting/Jumping"

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The scroll wheel is constantly fighting back/jumping. If I scroll up it scrolls down in between and vise versa.
Sometime it doesn't respond for example I scroll twice up or down it register only one scroll.
This is extremely annoying when playing games or reading on the web and the page goes wayward when scrolling.

I had this problem with my old mouse so I just bought a new one. Within a week the issue started again.
Troubleshooting steps:
Bought a new mouse
Cleaned with canned air
Updated all drivers
Updated to Windows 11

Nothing seems to fix this. Is this a product issue with Corsair mice? I am sick of it. I have been a Corsair fanboy for many years but I am not going to buy a 3rd mouse in a 1 year time span.

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