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Is PC noise right? Suspect Corsair Hydro Series H150i Pro not running right....


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Hi All, my son recently saved all his cash up and got a custom built PC - it is running a 4090 GPU and i7-3700k CPU... Really quick and nice! However we think the PC is not as quiet as expected. I have contacted the vendor and they not really helpful.

If I run the decibels app on my iphone then around 45db - defaintely not silent.

Running ICue and MSI then changing to silent doesn't seem to be impact anything. Isolating all the individual components and seeing the stats CPU fan 4100+ rpm and SYS Fan over 1700 rpm...

I note that the PC has "Corsair Hydro Series H150i Pro RGB High Performance Liquid Cooling System w/ 360mm Radiator, Ultimate OC Compatible [+68] (Corsair Hydro CPU Water Cooling, Ultimate OC Compatible)" - although my PC build knowledge is limited, becasue this is liquid cooling then I'm not sure why fans are so productive....

Can anyone with a similar PC let me know if the noise and fan speeds are about right? Within tollerance?

Many thanks



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In Corsair CUE under the H150i AIO device, do you see speeds for the pump and three fans?  Builders have a tendency to hardwire everything to the motherboard or directly to power as a way to “idiot proof” the box so novice users can’t turn something off they should not. Unfortunately that often puts things in operational states with no control. 

Some AIO units have a distinct pump sound, which like any high speed mechanical device is noticeable. However, the “Pro” series AIO units were never criticized for this and were extremely quiet. That unit has an extra low pump speed as the “quiet” preset that while too slow for heavy cpu work should be undetectable on the desktop (about 1200 rpm). 

The radiator fans should be connected to the the AIO’s fan controller and thus appear in cue and are programmable. Quite often they get connected to the motherboard and rampage up and down with cpu temperature for no good reason. If you don’t see the AIO’s picture in CUE it means the builder did not connect the usb 2.0 cable allowing the software and device to talk. 

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