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Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT - White noise iCue issue

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Hey guys,

I just got my Virtuoso Wireless RGB XT yesterday.

I installed iCue immediately because I knew from reviews that I can improve the sound quality a lot adjusting the EQ to my liking.

After installing and configuring the EQ I noticed a constant white noise only present when there are actual sounds playing. After searching and googling a lot I found out this seems to be a common problem with iCue and the Virtuoso Drivers. Upon uninstalling iCue this issue seems to disappear. I also found several attempts at fixing this issue by uninstalling/reinstalling different drivers etc..

My problem is, that I want to use the headphones also for work where I use macOS. I am not able to find ANY solution to this issue targeting macOS except uninstalling iCue which isn't really a option because the sound quality gets much worse, in fact it's so bad I am even considering not listening to music at all.

Please, if you have any idea or tip for fixing this on macOS tell me.


Thanks, vveil

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