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Barely had the headset for a month normally i charge it overnight when PC is in sleep mode has been working fine until today.

Idk if icue related as that updated today with the murals thing.

I've tried to repair the install of icue, soft reset the headset, cant force firmware update it wont let me the headset is on the latest firmware + dongle.

So icue see's the device fine i switched ports, but when in wireless mode it'll go straight to critical flashing red light on the charge indicator.

I've googled and looked over the forum, I've tried everything i've seen and nothing works it's just not charging for whichever reason i have no idea.

As said up until now it would be fully charged of a morning and last the whole day but not today.

I've owned several headsets from corsair so i'm not new to them, but this one has me stumped shame as it's a nice headset but the range on it isn't that great.

If I absolutly need wireless atm I have a HS70 wireless but for the price this one costs i'd have expected it to last better or at least have better software, the one thing i really hate and i mean hate what is the point of an indicator saying it's charging if you cant see the level to which it's charged then you unplug it to see the level low medium or high, but in this case battery critical!!

So it's charging away but all i see is a blinking red LED and it hasn't charged at all the whole day, not so much angry just generally annoyed by the device atm at least all the other headsets i owned lasted a fairly long time as the battery evertually drained to the point it wouldn't hold a charge, i don't expect an everlasting headset, but a month really ?

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We would recommend that you reach out to our support team directly by opening a ticket at https://help.corsair.com 

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