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CRP DISABLD showing on K70 RGB Mk.2, keyboard not functioning

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Hello, I sent a support ticket(#2005775875)  in about this issue but thought I would check here and see if anyone has successfully resolved this while I wait for a response. Last night my keyboard stopped functioning when I attempted to wake my computer. After unplugging and then plugging it back in, the device started showing as CRP DISABLD rather than working as intended. It would show this every time I plugged it in for as long as the keyboard remained plugged in. This morning it now only shows as CRP DISABLD when I plug it in with the reset button on the back held down simultaneously. I am hoping that is an improvement, rather than it being stuck in some sort of bootloader state. I've done a bit of searching and it seems support can provide a firmware .bin file that will hopefully resolve this, have any of you had any luck with that or found another way to fix this?

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