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2Gigs in an ASUS A8V Deluxe


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I have a 350064AMD in an ASUS A8V deluxe. Originally I had 2xs512MB Value select corsair (The machine was bought from Scan). I recently have purchased another 2x512mb value select and installed into the black slots and nothing happens when I turn the machine on! When I take them out its all fine, if i put the new sticks into the blue slots and remove the old RAM it works.... Please help! Is this a BIOS issue?
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OK I had 5 mins tonight to check with that program. With the original 2x512mg in place there were no errors and it read: -

200MHZ(DDR400) 2.5-3-3-8 Dual channel 128bits

With the new 2x512MB's in place it read the same apart from the timings were: -

3-3-3-8. Also no errors

So how do I correct this please?

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Do I need to change the timings on the RAM to make them match?

The exact numbers are: -

Both sets are VS512MB400C3

Then 1 set is

SCIL - 836458938

and the other

SCIL - 005414300


Just need to work out how to make the machine boot!!!

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Why replace the RAM that's running at the correct speed? Also what is the correct speed?! Sorry for using up your time but I'm a little confused by the situation, should I not just return the RAM to SCAN whom I bought it from? Are you pretty sure that if I get sent RAM with the correct timing then the system will work? Why do different RAM modules have different timing, I thought that I should just be able to buy more RAM from the same range and it would just slot in?

Many Many Thanks for your help

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  • Corsair Employees
With this platfor all of the modules would need to exactly matched or it may not post or be stable. And you can set the timings in your bios setup usually under advanced chipset. Please check your manual for more details.
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So under the RAM setting on my Motherboard I have: -


CAS Latency, TRC,TRFC, TRCD, TWR, TRWT, TRAS, TRP, TWCL, Asynclat, read preamble setting, 2T command. I have no ideas what this means and the manual doesn't say. Are any of these the timings i need to make 3-3-3-8

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Suppose you're using CL 3-4-4-8 ram, then set


TCL = 3

TRCD = 4

TRP = 4

TRAS = 8

TRC = TRP + TRAS (12)

TRFC = TRC + 3 (15)

TWCL = 1

Max async latency = 7 ns

Read Preamble = 5.5

Set 1T/2T = 1T if unstable switch to 2T...,but usually if you're using TwinX, they would run in 1T :):

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Where are you getting those settings from?


I have 2 sources where I got this formula.


From A8N SLI deluxe auto bios setting using several brand value memory (detected by CbID, A64 tweaker, Everest) and "other's" comprehensive memory guide that I can PM you.


When I set this formula in ASUS A8N SLI Deluxe, it worked 100% without error, but not in SLI-DR, although the retailer replaced a new board for me. These setting with XLPT still unstable in SLI mode only in SLI-DR mb. So I gave up and sold the board.


When I've problem with DFI nF4 SLI-DR, I asked Oskar Wu by PM how to set Corsair timing, and he replied set max async. latency 7, read preamble 5.5, if problem still exist could be problematic mb and the mb should be RMA.

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