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only the first of 4 light strips works properly


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This light strip issue has been ongoing for more than 2 years. I have 4 light strips connected in series and that is connected to my commander pro. My 6 fans, AIO cooling and dominator ram are all connected to the commander pro. i have uninstalled the msi dragon software and evga video card software also. there is no other rgb software on this computer. i have also reset commander pro several times, (brilliant reset method btw, not) Everything but the MB and video card and cpu is a corsair product. those are msi, nvidia and intel.

On some icue updates and all CP resets the lighting works as it should, for a week or so. then it just seems to lose the light strip functionality, the first strip works as it should but the following 3 light up in random static pattern or just go dark and stay that way until i reset the CP or possibly a icue update will straighten them out for a short while.

the icue software or whatever is causing this is very annoying 

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The lighting strips are a series circuit. You have one LED or wiring section between strips 1 and 2 that is passing an intermittent signal and thus you get inconsistent results. Try moving the #2 strip to the end of the line. It is still likely to behave erratically but if it is the problem will confine it to the last section. That should narrow down the number of replacement strips you need. 

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