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My new build--shazam!

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Finally got all my parts and assembled everything. A few hiccups, but they smoothed out and the end result was pretty fantastic, even if I must say so myself.


Details:. 5000X case, ASUS Maximus Z790 Hero, i9 13900KF, 64GB GSkill RGB RAM, boot drives-2 990 Pro's in Raid 0, MSI 4090, H150i LCD AIO, 3 LL120's + 3 ML 120's in push/pull. 3 LL 120's in front intake, and 3 SP 120's on side intake + 1 LL 120 rear exhaust. All fans, except rear exhaust connected to Commander Core and Commander Core XT and 1 LNP. Everything works! Eventually need to figure out how to control the GSkill RAM and the MSI 4090 LED's from iCUE, but I'm pretty close now.

This system is twice as fast on 3D Mark as my custom loop 7900X with 2 1080Ti's right out of the box. RAM runs XMP profile at 6000 Mhz  CPU runs at 5500 with no tweaking, so it only gets better from here.

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Figured out how to control the LED lighting on the RAM and 4090. Had to download and install MSI Center for the 4090, and GSkill's lighting app for the RAM . So far I've not had any conflicts or crashes between iCUE and the other apps. So I do have a consistent color scheme between all my fans, RAM, and video card. It's not a one-click operation to change colors, but it can be done.

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Having a single RGB solution would be nice but the "one software controlling 3 others" approach tends to be hit and miss.

It's faster to toggle manually than to troubleshoot for days why one plugin doesn't talk to another 🙂

Photo tip : monitor off for the photos lol

Whenever i take photos of mine i have to switch the screens off, and often even the RGB i have on the desk because it reflects off the glass panel and the insides can't be seen well 😉

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