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Fan Setup with Different Hubs

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Hey everyone,

Was hoping someone could help me with the correct connections to set up the corsair fans in my PC.

I have 4 LL120s, 2 ML120s (that came with the H100i Elite CPU cooler), and a Corsair RGB LED Lighting Pro set.

Connection wise, I have a Commander Pro, a Commander Core (that came with the H100i), and a RGB hub.

I'm at a bit of a loss as to how to hook it all up properly. I have all fans plugged in and they are all receiving power, however 3 of the 4 LL120s do not have lighting. The LL120s that don't have lights are plugged into the RGB hub. I haven't even tried to put the LED light strip in yet.

As it stands, I have the Commander Pro, Commander Core, and RGB hub all hooked up and receiving USB and/or SATA power. They seem to all be functioning; the main issue is the lack of lights on the LL120s.

Am I correct in assuming that, if it weren't for the LED light strip, I wouldn't even need the Commander Pro? If so, I'm debating removing it just for simplicity's sake and foregoing the light strip.

I've also read elsewhere that you can't have different fan types (LL and ML) hooked up to the same Commander - is this true? And if so, then this would mean I would need the Commander Core for the MLs, and the Commander Pro for the LLs, correct?

I hope I'm making sense through all of this - any help would be appreciated!



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